Monday, May 13, 2013

News from Odyssey IV

Hi people...I haven`t been very good in keeping my blog up to date....I have just been lazy!!

We left Fort Pierce on April 16th and so far we have covered 762 miles.  Today, May 13th we are for the third day at Portside Marina in Morehead City.  As you can see we are taking our time.  We have encountered, strong winds, rain, thunder storms and best of all nice sunny days.  We spent five days in Charleston, we had four days of 20 to 25 knots sustained and some gust up to 40+ knots, enough wind that two of our lines were cut, real wicked weather.  Our best option was to play tourist in Charleston, what a beautiful place to play.  And now we get to play tourist again in Morehead City!

On our way we have been constantly surrounded by dolphins, all sorts of birds and we also encountered an alligator...awesome!  We also saw a few turtles basking in the sun.

Tomorrow we will be on our way again, the water and diesel tanks are full and so is the fridge.  We will not be doing the Dismal Swamp, instead we are heading up to the Virginia Cut.  Should get there in about 3 days. 

I do have to be honest, my first week after leaving Fort Pierce, I realized that our crossing from the Bahamas had affected me more than I realized, when we crossed Sounds that had high winds and waves, I was to say the least, very anxious and I would not take the helm, I was just plain scared.  I had a good conversation with me, myself and I, I had to get over this fear.  Glad to say all is back to normal now, I`m sure Pierre is also very pleased :-)

Just a few pic's taken along the way...enjoy!


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