Friday, March 15, 2013

A day on Elbow Cay

 Elbow Cay!  in all her glory, enjoy the pic's!

Hope Town Beach

Hope Town Beach on a windy day


Hope Town Beach

We rented a golf cart for the day and went exploring Elbow Cay.

 Tiloo Cut, taken from Elbow Cay

Tahiti Beach, Elboy Cay

Tahiti Beach

Entrance to On Da Beach, Elbow Cay.  On Da Beach is a very popular restaurant they serve great Sous (chicken and potato stew) and of course great drinks.

The gang at On Da Beach, Deb, Joanne, Pierre and Fred

Me, just below the restaurant On Da Beach

Pierre found us the perfect place for a picnic, Aunt Pats Bay, Elbow Cay

View from our picnic table, Aunt Pats Bay, Elbow Cay

We will be leaving Elbow Cay tomorrow, heading for Tiloo Cay and after that, weather permitting off to Little Harbour.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

News from Hope Town

Odyssey IV and her crew say hello from beautiful Marsh Harbour.

On February 20 we arrived in Marsh Harbour and spent a week at anchor.  We were having big problems with our outboard motor, enough problems that we were afraid to go exploring with our dinghy, she would for no reason stop and not start again.  The vote was unanimous, we need a new motor.  We are now the proud owners of a new 2 stroke 8 horsepower Mercury outboard.  :-)  Now we can go places and not worry!

We donated our old outboard to Every Child Counts, a wonderful organization that helps needy children.  We were told that it will get repaired and sold.

February 28 we head for Hope Town, the weather is going to get pretty nasty so at least we will be in a protected mooring field.  Hope Town is such a pretty town, not the worst place to be stuck.

Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay

Odyssey in Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay

Full moon, Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour anchorage

Odyssey IV and Flyer in the background, Marsh Harbour

Maxwell's grocery in Marsh Harbour.  Getting directions to the fish market!

Flyer on her way to Whale Passage...the colours are unreal!!

Entrance to the Whale Passage, Whale Cay, the water sure changed colour

Deb and Fred from Flyer, our travelling buddies

Guess who!

Garden in Hope Town...just beautiful

Hope Town lighthouse

Evening Hope Town lighthouse

Heritage Day in Hope Town

Heritage Day games

Ocean side, Hope Town

Sunset Hope Town

Will and the talking dog "Lucy"

Today we have a rest from the winds, one day is all we get, tomorrow it builds up again to 25 knots for another 24 hours.  I must say that this year the weather is very windy and sometimes cold, nothing like the weather we had last year, but look, who is complaining, at least I don't have to shovel snow.

Bye for now!