Monday, February 11, 2013

From Stuart, FL to Mangrove, Little Bahama Bank and onto Green Turtle Cay

Hello, Bonjour from the Abacos!

We left Stuart, FL on February 2, once again heading for Lake Worth and hoping to get a nice window to cross over to the Abacos.  Our first day was a very short one since it is our last time passing through here, we decided to go stay at Peck Lake and walk the beach. Next stop, North Palm Beach.  Bridges, more bridges is what we did on February 3 and we arrived early enough to go stock up on last minute groceries and of course one small stop at West Marine, we were reasonable, didn't spend all the much... :-)  We met up with our good friends Rudy and Jocelyne on Gipsiya, had a nice happy hour with them, but sad news since they have decided to stay in Florida this year.  So the next day, our last leg to Lake Worth, our good-byes to Gipsiya and off we go to wait for our crossing.

We left Lake Worth February 5 at 3:30 and had a super crossing, arriving at West End, Grand Bahamas at 15:30.  Cleared customs very quickly and watched all the boats come in.  Old Bahama Bay Marina was full, it was the first good window to cross the Gulf Stream, so you can imagine, we weren't the only ones to cross.  We actually had a hard time finding a spot to anchor in Lake Worth because of all the boats waiting!

Moon rise in Stuart, FL

Stuart, FL fishing with friends

Odyssey IV at Peck Lake, FL

Entrance to ocean side Peck Lake, FL

Awesome beach Peck Lake, FL

Peck Lake, FL

Little bird, Peck Lake, FL

Searching for treasures

The sunrise Gulf Stream February 5 2013
Pictures taken within 5 minutes, just beautiful

February 6, waited for high tide at Old Bahamas Bay so we could do the Indian Cay Passage which is only 5'5" at low tide.  During that time we watched all the boats leave the marina, some going to Memory Rock, some to Lucaya...all of us saying see you real soon!  Not many use the Indian Passage, one sailor couldn't get over that we were going to cross there, he is actually afraid of the passage.  All went super well!

Our first anchorage in the Bahamas, Mangrove Cay, Little Bahamas Bank

Helped out a sailor on Outward Bound, he was missing some coolant and in the middle of nowhere, that is not such a good thing.  Came along our boat and Pierre filled up his little bottle, he was so grateful.  Us it made us feel good to be able to help someone.

We left Mangrove at 7:20 heading for Great Sale Cay, winds on the nose10 to 15 Knots,  waves 2 to 4 feet, very bouncy.  Anchored at 11:30 and once again watched all the boats come in, we were 9 boats at the end of the day.

February 8, 6:40 departure from Great Sale Cay, great day of motor sailing 15+ winds, we averaged a speed of 6.7 Knots...great fun.  We actually shut down the motor because we had to wait for high tide to get into Black Sound...BUT...even so, we ran a ground at the entrance, tried to get some help from the locals but no one was out there.  Thankfully the tide was rising and with the motor full speed and me doing a dance on the bow, we were able to get free.  After almost 11 hours we pick up a mooring and relax.  It is so nice to be here once again. 

The Other Shore Club, Black Sound, Green Turtle Cay

We plan to stay here for atleast 1 week, maybe after that head North to visit some islands or South, not decided yet.