Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some more pic's

Our oil leak was caused by a crack in the oil cooler, we ordered a new piece and Pierre once again fixed the problem.  Our GPS connectors have been changed and we have also bought an exterior antenna (back-up) although we don't  plan to go through this again, one never knows.  We hired a crew to come clean out the bilge which was full of oil, real messy business!

So for now we are waiting on a few replacement parts, and we should soon be on our way to Quebec.  I must admit that being here at Harbortown Marina is real nice, the dock masters are just wonderful people, a super place to be!

Boats waiting at Mangrove before our crossing!

Mangrove, no one knew what was coming...


Odyssey IV

Old Sam

Thank you, thank you Flyer and Old Sam for keeping in constant communication with us during our crossing, we were never really alone because of you guys.  And a big thank you to Snover who gave us a new CDN flag.

Part of the people who crossed with us, we all met the next night to talk about our crossing and what damage some of us had, some people have been doing this crossing for 15 years and they said this was the worse ever, of course we had to pick that night to do it :-)

My hero, Captain Pierre

My last walk on a beach

Kairos I from our marina back home, Marina de Portneuf. 

Last full moon in the Bahamas

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