Monday, February 27, 2012

Lynyard Cay and Little Harbour

Lynyard Cay

Lynyard Cay, ocean side...lots of sea glass

Mon coup de coeur...Little Harbour

Little Harbour anchorage


Pete's Gallery entrance

Ocean side of Little Harbour

Our little friend the turtle in Little Harbour

Monday, February 20, 2012

A few more pictures...

On our way back to Marsh Harbour and look what we were up against, scary for sure!  No damage done!

Thankfully it went in the opposite direction.

This is Abacos delivery boat, their version of our Fed Ex!

Castle on Tavern Cay which is part of Tilloo Cays, where we first anchored

Black shells cover the Tavern Cay beach

Tavern Cay snorkling, to bad all the reef is dead!

Tavern Cay with Odyssey IV far in the background

Tilloo Pond anchorage...just beautiful

Along this beach are many many rays, Tilloo Pond

On are way to Man O War!

How to find your way in Man O War!

Flee market in Man O War

We are back in Hope Town, weather was suppose to be wicked but it didn't blow as much here.  I know that Charlotte C in Manjack and Images 1 in Guana got it much worse than we did, over 30 knots!  Our next destination is Sandy Cay to do a bit of snorkling.  And after that Little Harbour once the high tide lets us in!

Today I'm going to hunt for sea glass and if I'm lucky maybe find a heart bean!