Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey...just a few pictures!

Great Guana Cay dingy dock with the anchorage in the background

Captains Pierre and Andre, Great Guana Cay. See the little tree we tied the dingy too!

Sunday pork roast at Nipper's, Guana Cay

View from Nipper's

Marsh Harbour mooring

Sunset Marsh Harbour

After a bit of rain in Marsh Harbour, the rainbow!

Portneuf in Great Guana Cay, enjoying some wine after scuba diving!

Cheers everyone!

Gilles catches another craw fish, lucky Andre got it for supper!

Elbow Cay, Hope Town! Where is the bakery, we want some key lime pie!

Hope Town light house

Entrance to Hope Town

Want to rent a golf cart!

Hope Town mooring

Ocean side, Hope Town

Entrance to the light house, going up

View from the light house

View from the light house of Hope Town

Going down

That is all for now!  A+

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trois jours magnifique à Green Turtle Cay - que du bonheur

Green Turtle Marina, little paradise



New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay, resturant and liquor store

New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay, main street!  We had rented a golf cart for the day to visit the town, it was very strange having to drive on the wrong side of the street, here it is like England, turning corners, ha, very strange


Church in New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay

Brendal dive master.  It was my first time scuba diving so Pierre offered me a day with an expert (X-Mas present), I was a little nervous at first but 2 seconds and wow, the underwater life was so beautiful I forgot about everything else.  I saw sharks, big ones, that was a little stressful and large tarpons, anyway bigger than me.  Around the reefs all sorts of fish, all sort of sizes and colors.  Just a magical day!  We ended the day with a cook out on a deserted beach.


The ray that you see above is so soft, her skin feels like silk.  I can't believe I feed and petted her.

We are once again back at Manjack Cay, we are waiting for weather to cross the Whale Passage.  Since we arrived we have had a great supper aboard Odyssey IV with Charlotte C and Images 1, two bottles of champagne, wine etc....yes, none of us felt any pain.  Thanks to Charlotte C we had craw fish served with couscous!  2 days later, on the beach there was a cook out, it was just great!  There are people here from different parts of the world, and many have travelled the four corners on there sailing vessels, it make for very interesting conversations.

Life is just wonderful on our little sailing vessel.

The date today is January 17, 2011


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quelques photos

Odyssey IV at Mangrove Cay

Nous voilà rendus à Green Turtle Cay, nous avons décidé de nous gâter un peu et prendre quelques jours attacher a un quai!

Depuis le West End, on a pausé l'ancre Mangrove Cay, Great Sale Cay, Allans-Pensacola Cay, Powell Cay et Manjack Cay où nous avons été accueillie par Charlotte C, nos voisin de la Marina de Portneuf.

Les Abacos sont d'une beauté extraordinaire, des plages blanches, de petites îles et l'eau turquoise.

Great Sale Cay

Powell Cay

Gilles et Nancy, welcoming us at Manjack

Manjack Cay with Charlotte C in background

Sunset Manjack Cay

Digging for treasures